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Trip to Altai. 10 Day Horse-Back Tour in June - September

We’d like to invite you to join us in one of the most beautiful places of the Altai Mountains – the Iolgo Ridge. You will see all the beauties of the ridge: caves, waterfalls and mountain lakes. We’ll get to the top of Mt. Akkai and Mt. Kylay to have a stunning panoramic view of Altai. Experience 10 days of living in the wild, riding horses, eating at the camp fire without the Internet and mobile phones!
This trip has an average fitness level. If you are an inexperienced hiker and have never ridden a horse, the tour is ideal for you. Children can join from the age of 9.


June 8- June 18; June 13- June 23; June 18- June 28;

June 23 - July 3; June 28 - July 8; July 3 - July 13; July 8 - July 18; July 13 - July 23; July 18 - July 28th;

July 23 - August 2; July 28 - August 7; August 2 - August 12; August 7 - August 17; August 12 - August 22; August 17 - 27;

August 22 - September 1; August 27 - September 6; September 6 - 16


Price for a 10 day trip  ( per person)

2 pax

3 pax

4-6 pax


43 500rub

36 000rub

             32 300rub

27 500rub

The price includes:
-    Meals for 10 days made on fire by the cook
-    Accommodation in the tourist-shelter Arkadia (rooms for 3-6 persons in a wooden house 25 km from the nearest village Elecmonar) two nights before the horse-back trip and one night after
-    All the necessary equipment: tents (for 2-4 persons), sleeping bags, mats, rain coats, rubber boots etc.
-    Russian banya (steam batch) in the tourist-shelter
-    Horse rental and riding lessons
-    Transfer from Elecmonar to the tourist-shelter and back
-    Services of the instructor, cook and interpreter for 10 days

The price doesn’t include:
-    Train tickets to Biysk and back or a flight to Gorno-Altaisk and back
-    Transfer in a minivan from Biysk to Elekmonar and back (180km) The price will depend on number of people (about 2000rub)




Day 1
At 6.30 am - transfer from the Biysk train station to Elekmonar. We also stop at the Gorno-Altaisk airport to pick up those who come by plane. Arrival in Elekmonar at 12.00. Here we say goodbye to our mobiles phones (there’s no reception in the mountains) and change vehicles to get to the tourist-shelter Arkadia. Arrival at 3pm. Lunch. A riding lesson. Russian banya.

Note: Transfer from Biysk to Elekmonar is not included in the price and will be charged in the Arkadia tourist shelter in roubles (about 2000rub)
Day 2
Riding lesson for 2-3 hours, preparations for the trip, banya in the evening.
Day 3
The start of the horse-back trip. We’ll cover 18km on horses and get from 700m to the height of 2000m. We are making a camp near the Mukhta river (1800m above the sea level) to stay there for two nights. A walk to the Castle of the Mountain Spirits.
Day 4
Today we stay in our camp and go for a hiking trip (3km) to the Muekhta waterfalls.
Day 5
We pack our things and move on through the Ayaryk Pass at the hight of 2100m past Ayaryk Lakes to the next camping place. The height in the camping place is 1500m. Today we cover the distance of 17km.
Day 6 
We stay in the same camp and have a short ride to the caves (have a torch with you) or to the lakes for a swim. Ayaryk Lakes are the warmest in the area.
Day 7
We pack things again and ride 17 km through the Saturday Pass at 2000m above the sea level to the Uul Gorge. Here we pitch our tents at the height of 1600m.
Day 8
We stay in the camp and ride horses or walk to Uul Lake or Trout Lake
Day 9
We pack things and move to our next camping site – to the place called Seven Winds at the foot of the Castle of the Mountain Spirits. This is our highest camping place – 2000m high. In the evening you can watch the sun-set from the Castle or walk 3km to Mt. Karakol in order to make a phone call. It’s the only place with mobile reception but only if you have an MTS sim card!
Day 10
We ride 15 km down to the tourist-shelter where the banya is waiting for you. In the evening we have a farewell party with BBQ.
Day 11
At 9am – departure to Elekmonar. Here we get to the minivan and go to Biysk. On the way to the train station we stop at the market to buy Altai honey, Siberian nuts and other local souvenirs.

A story about the previous trip in 2013. Read here:
Please note that you can book train tickets directly to Biysk or a flight to Gorno-Altaisk. For example, you choose the tour June 23 - July 3. In this case you should  arrive in Novosibirsk on June, 22th then take the evening train to Biysk. the train arrives in Biysk at 6.30am on June 23d where you'll be picked up. There are also flights to Gorno-Altaisk from Moscow and from Novosibirsk. If you choose that option you need a flight that arrives in Gorno-Altaisk on June 23d at around 7-8am. On the way back you need any train that leaves Biysk on July 3 in the evening (5pm or later). For flying from Gorno-Altaisk you can only book a flight on July 4th as you won't have time to catch a morning plane on July 3. In this case we can provide a home stay in Elecmonar for an additional night.
If you need help with booking tickets, we'll be happy to help you!


2 pax 43 500
3 pax 36 000
4-6 pax 32 300
7-10 pax 27 500