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NEW2020 - ONLINE Tour in Antalya, Turkey

Due to the closed borders we invite you to joinn ON-LINE city tour in the historical part of Antalya, Southern Turkey.

You choose the date, time and the connection: skype, zoom, watsup video and the guide gives a walking tour to your family and friends and answers your questions.

During the tour you will see the historic sites of the Roman days, hear interesting stories about great Emperors and Sultans of Anatolia (present Turkey). The guide will lead you through the narrow streets of the old town called Keleichi passt the blooming gardens and the Mediterranean Coast. You will understand why Emperor Attalos II called this place Paradise on Earth and the leader of Turkey Mustafa Kemal Ataturk named Antalya the most beautiful city in the world.

Here you can watch a short video from the streets of the old town:


Duration: 60 min

Special price: 13US $