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The Leaning Tower of Nevyansk

Nevyansk is an old industrial town founded by the wealthiest Russian dynasty of the Demidoffs (90km north of Yekaterinburg).
There's no information about when the tower was built and what its purpose was. Unlike the Falling Tower in Pizza, the Leaning Tower of Nevyansk had an inclination from the beginning.
Some legends say it was a watch tower, a secret laboratory and an illigal mint in the basement where the Demidoffs minted their own silver coins.
An interesting whispering room is located on the sixth floor of the tower. On the seventh and eighth floors you will see an old English clock that still work and plays melodies. The clock cost the Demidoffs more than the whole construction of the tower.
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Duration: 5-6 hours \ The Leaning Tower is closed on Mondays!

You can also stay in Nevyansk for lunch in one of the local cafes and restaurants.

Price is calculated individually depending on the season and number of people