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Horse riding + trekking in the Nature Park

In the morning we’ll bring you to a horse farm Novaya Yelnya (110km West of Yekaterinburg near the nature park Deer Streams). Here you can have a horse back trip with an instructor through a beautiful spruce forest. The trip lasts 60min. Otherwise you can have a ride in a sharaban (Russian carriage) pulled by horses. In winter time it’ll be a famous troika (a sledge pulled by three horses).

After lunch in a café at the farm you will enjoy trekking in the Ural famous Nature Park Deer Streams. The park is a good example of the Ural mixed and taiga forests with caves and cliffs along the river. A walk in the park may last 3-5 hours depending on tourists’ trekking skills.

Duration: 9 hours 


Please, have comfortable shoes and clothes according to the season for horse riding and walking in the park

Price is calculated individually depending on the season and number of people