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Nature Park Deer Streams

Nature Park Deer Streems (Oleniy Ruchyi) is located 120 km west of Yekaterinburg. It is a good example of the Ural mixed and taiga forests with caves and cliffs along the river. Ideal for trekking and rafting. There are two trails in the park: the short trail is 6 km and the great trail is 15 km.

Beavers, elks, roebucks, hogs, weasels and martens live here. There are 48 ancient caves in the park. The most famous ones are: Cave Druzhba (friendship) - the largest in Middle Urals and Bolshoy Proval (great gap)- a vertical cave 33m deep.

The symbol of the park is a drawing of red deer made by Finno-Ugric hunters over 1000 years ago. Another symbol of the nature park is the Angel of Hope that makes your wishes come true if you touch its wings.

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Duration: 8 hours

Please, have comfortable shoes and clothes according to the season for walking in the park

Price is calculated individually depending on the season and number of people