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Yekaterinburg is celebrating 291 anniversary on August 16th

291st anniversary of Yekaterinburg is celebrated in August 16th. Various concerts and festivals will take place in the city center. The main streets in the city center (Lenina Ave, 8 Marta, Malysheva, Boris Yeltsin st.) will be closed to traffic all day.

Here’s the schedule of some interesting events on the city’s birthday:

11.00 Festival of world orchestras, Historical Square (the Dam)

11.00 City Cats, exhibition at the concert hall Uralets, ul Bolshakova, 90

12.00 OFF line Festival, ul 8 Marta

12.30 City wedding, Square of 1905

13.00 Exhibition of retro cars on Lenina Ave

13.00 Biathlon with the fund of Anton Shipulin, sport event in the Historical Square (the Dam)

13. Children Festival The World of Art in front of the Kosmos cinema

13.00 The Beatles are with you, Yekaterinburg, the concert on Gorkogo 8 in front of the Beatles monument

13.00 Festival of Gastronomy ‘The taste of the city’ in Mayakovskogo Park

15.00 Festival of Youth, Oktyabrskaya Square, Yeltsin St.

19.00 Happy Birthday Yekaterinburg, Gala Concert, Square of 1905

22.30 Fireworks

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