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«Manaraga Express» 2 Great Peaks in 1 Day

Having visited these two peaks, you can say that you’ve seen the best of the Urals
Mountain Nàrodnaya, or Nàroda (1894 m) is the highest point in the chain of the Ural Mountains, which are the natural border between Europe and Asia. It is accessible for ascending. On the way to the top you will see the stunning views of surrounding peaks, glaciers and lakes.
Manaraga mountain (1662 m) — from the language of Nenets people the name translates as «bear’s paw», its original expressive crest makes it distinguishing in Subpolar Urals.


Day 1.

Arrival in Pechora  at about 15-00.
Meeting of the members of the expedition at the airport or train station.
Lunch. Accommodation in rented apartments.
To make the day more exciting you’ll be involved in a quest-game that we have prepared for you. Thus tourists get to know each other and see the town of Pechora

Day 2.

7-00. Breakfast.
8-00. Departure from the airfield
9-30. Landing near Lake Bublik. Ascending Mount Nàrodnaya. Distance is 5 km. Duration is 1,5 hours.
11-00 – You are on top. Spectacular photos.
11-30 – Descending
12-30 – Flight to Mount Manaraga.
13-30 –Landing at the foot of Manaraga. Lunch (lunch boxes, tea, coffee).
14-30 – Departure for Pechora.
16-00 – Arrival in Pechora.
In the evening: dinner, sauna

Day 3.
9-00. Breakfast. Packing suitcases.
12-00. Transfer to the airport or train station.

Price depends on the number of people and may be corrected for specific routes and exact dates. Prices per person in US $ are in the box in the right corner of the page

The price includes:

— Meeting and transfer to/from the airport or train station Pechora;
— Accommodation in a rented apartment in the Pechora (2 nights);
— Meals (breakfast, lunch, supper);
— Permission for a visit to the National Park «Yugyd va»;
— helicopter rental for the tour;
— Guide service;
— Sauna upon return from the tour;
— Accident insurance.

Does not include:

Fare to Pechora



1 pax 6883$
2 pax 3467$
3 pax 2358$
4-6 pax 1783-1217$
7-10 pax 1100-792$
11-17 pax 725-500$


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